Saturday, February 15, 2014

Painting with colours

Painting with nature colours

Since we love making homemade paint we thought we would take it a step further and see if we could use flowers to make our own natural watercolors. We started by choosing several flowers of varying colors from our yard. Students to find flowers with vibrant colors, so we could get vibrant paint.

We separated the flowers, picked and made predictions about which flowers we thought would give off the most color.  

We agreed that the red would probably give us the best results, followed closely by the orange and blue. I heated up one cup of water. We didn't want it too hot, but figured that warm water would help pull the color from the flowers. 

We put the flowers into ziploc bags and divided the cup of water between the four bags. We noticed that the red flowers bled immediately. 

Next we had use a rolling pin to squish the flowers in the baggies.
 Painting with colours .
 The results were surprising.  As I mentioned above the orange flowers gave off color immediately.

The blue flower gave off a lovely violet color. The blue was a very light blue.

 The photos make it look richer than it actually was.

The little people love to paint, but they tend to dump colored water. 

We didn't want to see our watercolors overturned before we had a chance to use them.