Friday, September 13, 2013

LATVIA Plants and berries for dyeing and painting

This is the Project work of class 6 .
At the beginning students discussed what plants, seeds or berries could be used for dyeing and painting. All together came to an agreement to use blueberry jam, cherry juice, carrot juice, onionskin, beat roots, coffee beans and mix of herbal teas.
All colours liquid students tried on the paper and educed that they are not so bright as synthetical paint. After that students started to dye wool using salt and vinegar as a mordant.  After dyeing wool was rinsed in warm water and dried
     Project work was interesting for children and they decided  to do it again in summer and autumn.

Painted paper and wool were presented at the end of the Project week in February.

The painted yarn.

blueberry jam
 beet juice
cherry juice
oregano tea
Canadian goldenrod

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